Election Maps Monday, May 12 2008 

I always find myself fascinated by all those maps showing which candidate does better where, and those polling experts who say things like, “In northwestern Fayette County in Kansas, where a large textile mill went out of business two years ago, Obama is doing better among white women between the ages of 45 and 50 whose identified favorite pastime is playing checkers.”

Check out this post that shows some really interesting maps from Obama/Clinton voting in this year’s primaries.


More Fallout from “Tusla” Visit Friday, Apr 11 2008 

Can you just imagine how badly Hillary must wish this would go away? And then Bill steps in to help…

BTW, the name of the city is “Tuzla,” not “Tusla” as the ABC News article spells it.

Bosnian Reaction to Hillary’s Sniper-Dodging Visit Tuesday, Apr 1 2008 

This is too funny. Really, this whole situation blows my mind. I’m not one to jump on a politician’s back for a misspeak. Truly. If you followed me around with cameras and microphones all day and asked me difficult questions and made me travel every day and give two, three, ten speeches a day and the occasional debate too…yeah, there’d be a lot of misspeaks in there. Embarrassing ones.

But honestly, how does one get confused and “misspeak” about dodging sniper fire? I have never dodged sniper fire. I’m 100% certain, no doubts at all, that I’ve never dodged sniper fire. If I had dodged sniper fire, I’m pretty sure I’d remember that equally clearly. So, while I tend to be nonpartisanly forgiving of the misspeaks, in this case, honestly, aren’t we talking (a) delusions or (b) a straight up lie?

I had beef…oh, no, I forgot, you’re right, I had the chicken. I wore the black dress that night…oh, sorry, honey, you’re right it was the green one. We were running for our lives diving for cover because bullets were flying all around us…oh, that’s right, actually we hung out on the runway and listened to a little girl reading poetry

Clearly the author of this article has not seen the real video of the now-famous Tuzla visit.

The Real Footage from Hillary’s Trip to Bosnia Saturday, Mar 29 2008 

Came across this as a total fluke.

[Warning: one shot is a wee bit graphic. But not fake. Not in the slightest.]