Woo-hoo! I just purchased something and found something! (I should be in bed…)

I had a tape of the Another Minute by Cause & Effect in the early nineties and LOVED-LOVED-LOVED it. And it was kind of one of those cool things where hardly anybody had heard of this band, so they were “mine”. “You Think You Know Her,” “Farewell to Arms,” “The Beginning of the End…” I so loved this album. But, you know, it was on a tape, and tapes don’t last forever. Been some time since I’ve even played a tape. For the last decade or so I’ve been trying to little-by-little replace my favorite 80’s (this is the rare 90’s, though I think it was all written in the late 80’s actually) tapes with CDs. But you can’t find Cause & Effect out there. So today I remembered to look it up on Amazon, and there were 9 used CDs available — now there are 8! I can’t wait to get this CD! I will be dancing around my living room just like when I got that Glass Tiger album, 1986’s The Thin Red Line. I danced around absolutely giddy, I think especially to “Closer to You…” Darn, I’m gonna have to go listen to that album!

AND, WOWEE!!!!! I searched like a decade ago for this song “I Could Never Be Your Woman” which I absolutely LOVED in 1997. I can peg the exact year because I lived in an apartment then that I only lived in for 6 months, and I can remember when this song would come on the alarm radio in the morning my night owl self would be wide awake and full of pep. I can remember thinking, “If only I could find some way to wake up to this song every day!” Now, a guy sings this song, so beats me what it’s actually about, but I don’t really care. I LOVED the music. Still love it. I just found it on YouTube!!!! I searched for this song on the internet “back in the day” as the younguns say, but the internet is way more developed now than it was then, certainly there was no YouTube. I couldn’t even find out who sang this song. Turns out it’s White Town (never heard of ’em). But…how can I buy it? Looks like you can purchase the single on Amazon, but maybe somebody I know has one of those buy and download online thingee deals? I’m listening to this song now…yeah, already like th 5th time. I just absolutely love the sound of it. Apparently the oboe line in it (which some people find creepy?!) samples some 1930’s song! Freaky!

Maybe I should think about that bed thing though…