OK, I’m an 80’s gal. So much so that, because I didn’t actually start listening to popular music really until 1985, I sometimes come across a song that I never knew in the 80’s but still absolutely love. (Let’s hear it for Sirius channel 22!) Major Tom is one of those songs. I heard it once or twice, really just the chorus, and just loved it. Finally saw the title and singer on, yep, Sirius 22, and looked it up online. Wow! If you too are an 80’s gal/guy, check out the Wikipedia page on Major Tom — fascinating! I had no idea such things ever happened in pop music. When I found the lyrics I was surprised to find this is actually a sad song! What an odd topic for a pop song in the first place! Too cool.

Here’s the English version (with kind of weird un-serious video…well, those were the times):

And if you’d like to hear the original German, with handy German sing-along lyrics: