Currently reading: Reading and re-reading my own fanfiction I’m working on; occasionally reading another fanfiction. I’m reading less of the others now than I was before I started writing mine and as I was starting it, because I realized there was the risk my story would be influenced by them and I wanted to stick very closely with canon (Thor and The Avengers in this case). Most recently read actual book was Tim Tebow’s book, I think the title is Through My Eyes. Good book.

Currently watching on TV: Oh my, nothing, except The Closer. Haven’t watched an actual TV show in quite a while now other than that. I watch more DVDs these days than TV, though the last few week not many DVDs either. Too busy writing/researching.

Most recently watched movie: Batman 1 and Batman 2, both tonight, ha! The more recent series. First time I ever saw any Batman movies. This will sound incongruent here but the superhero genre is actually not my genre. So, last movie seen in theater, the new Spiderman just a couple days ago. Before that, The Avengers…three times. Yeah, I admit it. This is why they call it obsession.

Currently listening to: At this very moment, The News Boys Adoration album which I just love-love-love. In my car is currently New Order, ironically the same thing as the last time I made this post like 3 years ago or something. It hasn’t been there that whole time. Actually I lost it for a while and just recently found it! Also in my currently is Lifehouse’s Smoke and Mirrors which I also adore. Lifehouse is one of my favorite bands, if not outright favorite.