A Night of TV Monday, May 19 2008 

I’m tired today (after not feeling well and taking my poor Mel to a specialist vet over 30 minutes’ drive away and eating a really yucky hamburger from a gas station chain out of desperaton [“just eat, don’t look”]). And although there’s a lot I need to be doing, I’ve barely moved from the chair in front of the computer all night.

I watched Bones (sort of — I was also trying to figure my way through Facebook). Zack, the young one, is some kind of apprentice to a serial killer? Huh?

I just watched House. Wow! I only half-watched the first half, but by the second half it had my full attention. I cried pretty bad. That was super-sad. And I felt sorry for House.

And now I’m watching CSI Miami. The guy who plays Horatio (who came up with that name anyway?) drives me nuts, as does the character who talks to the dead people and caresses them and calls them “sugar” and stuff. Yuck. She just left the show, and the gal who apparently took her place just got shot. Maybe I’ll get up the energy to get something done during this show, because I hardly ever watch and frankly don’t care too much. But the first two hours were pretty interesting actually!


Bones & Voyager Monday, May 12 2008 

I’m watching Bones…actually sort of watching it off an on while preparing some couscous with chicken, veggies, and fruit that looks darn yummy…but I digress.

I’m watching Bones. And there’s a guy on, some kind of club owner or something, and his voice sounds soooo familiar, I know I know that voice, but he doesn’t look in the slightest familiar. I quickly came to think he was a Star Trek character. I thought of Quark, played by Armin Shimerman, excellent actor. I think I liked Quark better than any other character on DS9. But, no, I recognize him easily from other things like the principal on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then I thought Phlox. And I was thinking he was on Voyager. Then I recalled that he had a recurring role on Stargate: SG-1. And then I remembered, wait, he wasn’t on Voyager, he was on…ummmm…that last one, the one I never really liked and watched only out of loyalty to Star Trek. So, who was the latex & makeup guy on Voyager? Right! Neelix! Neelix who was the chef, and who had a thing with the strange blond gal. It was Neelix! I don’t think I ever saw him out of makeup. I just looked up the actor’s name, it’s Ethan Phillips.

What a stroll down memory lane!