Battlestar’s Final Season Up and Running Wednesday, Apr 9 2008 

So, it’s started! I (almost) always get so into these episodes that when it’s over I’m always stunned. “What??!! It’s over??!! It can’t be over!!”

I also tend to be unable to remember something I’ve watched only once.

So…why did I start this blog entry? OK, let me think.

OK. Everybody’s suspicious of Starbuck. They have to be. She’s even suspicious of herself. I’m still not cool with the whole everybody-and-his-brother-is-a-Cylon development. Please, please, Ron Moore, make it all be a big trick. I miss the “old” Starbuck. Though I definitely didn’t approve of her behavior (promiscuity, heavy drinking), it made her a complex and intriguing character, and I’d say her “naughtiness” was not portrayed as the best and coolest way to act. You knew that there was self-loathing under the self-destructive behavior, and we later found out why. I’m not sure what to make of this new direction — Starbuck as some kind of prophet or something. Again, not so down with the whole heavy-duty mythology thing either. Liked the small Starbuck/Gaeta scene. That guy can act. He had a miniscule role in the miniseries but really stood out. Hope he gets his own show sometime, or a movie career.

Never took to Lee aka Apollo. Still haven’t. The only thing I ever liked about him was the Apollo/Starbuck angle. I like all the other characters (though Baltar gets on my nerves at times and I could do without the closing-in-on-R “love scenes” with him and his imaginary Cylon gal-pal Six). I just find Lee…I don’t know, bland. You know, I never really thought about it before now, but there are a LOT of characters on this show! I think half of them weren’t even really in this episode.

Ah, yes, so Baltar and his cult worshipers also had a big role in the ep. Weird. And more mythology. Blah. But the guy playing Baltar is also a darn good actor, so at least there’s Baltar’s funny reactions to the wackiness around him to make it a bit more endurable.

Two more days until we find out if Starbuck really does try to assassinate Pres. Roslin!

And lo and behold, I just found a button that lets me type in color! Yeah!


Why Blogging Anew Today? Saturday, Mar 29 2008 

Because I’m so excited that Battlestar Galactica’s about to start up again!

I love-love-love this show, one of my very few remaining “appointment viewing” shows these days. And, actually, I haven’t loved it as much the last season or so, I guess, too much of the weird-o mythology stuff. The 2003 miniseries and Season1 was some of the most gripping TV drama I’ve ever seen. BG, for my taste anyway, is at its best when dealing with how these flawed, very human characters themselves deal with all the tragedy and trauma around them…not when having drug-induced visions or finding Athena’s (or whoever’s) arrow, etc. I am glued to the TV when it’s about people pressed in at every side and forced to make difficult decisions…the Cylons are interesting but I find the human characters much more engaging.

And, wow, the closer of the last season…like…a year ago already???!!!, season…3.46 or something like that probably…wow. Tori, Tyrol, Anders, Tigh, all Cylons?



I hope this is some kind of hoax, because it really sucks the believability right out of the show if this is really true. If there are only 12 models of Cylons, and presumably (?) there was no way to predict which ship/s might survive the initial devastating attack, how is at all possible that BG could be so thoroughly penetrated? Dontcha think somone would have noticed if the same 8 or 10 people were on every ship in the fleet? Not to mention the age issue brought up in someone else’s blog I saw — Col. Tigh served with Adama way back when, before there were human-model Cylons. So…how could he be a Cylon? Lest you say that maybe this has been a big part of a plan, and BG was supposed to survive all along, well, besides making most everything that’s happened on the series pretty much from day 1 essentially pointless (I guess if they’d really run out of water the Cylons would’ve had to secretly ship them some…?), recall also that the other Cylons didn’t know these guys were Cylons either, and were in positions to kill them (and nearly did in some cases) at various points in the series. I don’t see how it’s possible that there could’ve been any grand plan in getting Anders on the ship; that one was pretty darn fluky (and out of Cylon control).

Another problem with this is the issue of the babies on the show. So we know Hera is half-Cylon…and what a big hoopla there’s been over that. This would make Tyrol and Callie’s baby half-Cylon too. But there was no bizarre-o imagery of Six and Baltar and theaters and baby cribs involving that baby. Or could it have been that baby…?

This is the murky road I don’t like going down. Or could it be this, or could it be that? X-Files (one of my fave shows) went too far down that path, so that eventually I completely lost track of where the mythology stood. (Wait, was it really aliens kidnapping people, or evil government agents, or evil businessmen, or evil tobacco companies…?) At the point where I get too confused to follow what’s going on I also pretty much stop caring.

So…if this were all some kind of hoax, something done to these people while they were on New Caprica, that could be pretty cool. One week until we find out…potentially…yeah, probably not.