Barry Cameron on Trends in Evangelical Christian Churches Friday, Apr 25 2008 

Check out this interesting post from Christian church minister (I was, hehe, rather surprised to see the Crossroads Christian Church website refer to him as “pastor” — historically a no-no in Christian churches; my former church, Sherwood Oaks Christian, followed tradition and only used the term “minister”) Barry Cameron. Barry also refers to the recent John MacArthur talk their church hosted — and my friend Amy attended! Look carefully in the picture, Amy, are you there?

Barry Cameron will be the 2009 Vice-President of the NACC (North American Christian Convention, a preaching/teaching-only annual convention of Christian churches and churches of Christ (the capitalization convention is important to many of my Restoration Movement brothers and sisters). ; ) I have been privileged to attend two NACCs, one in Louisville at Southeast Christian (sixth largest church in the country, woah!), and one in Tampa, at which my pastor…er…minister Tom Ellsworth was president! Pretty cool.

I’m suffering from Christian church – SBC schizophrenia….


Baptists on Dancing & Communion Wednesday, Apr 9 2008 

But not at the same time! ; )

So, finally for the night, check out this article from Baptist Nathan Finn, and the Communion (Lord’s Supper in Baptist parlance, which I grew up with) meditation by Baptist minister Steve Weaver he links to. I appreciate the attention given to Communion (Christian church parlance, which I’m now more used to) in these posts. Communion is a weekly part of services at Christian churches/churches of Christ. It was strange to me at first, but I quickly came to appreciate it. No matter the sermon topic, part of every single Sunday is spent focused on what Christ did for me and my utter unworthiness of it. After seeing Passion — and seeing a depiction of what Christ endured — I was often brought to tears during Communion. I miss that weekly focus now that I’ve moved and am in a Baptist church again.

And on a lighter note, check out this article capturing some of the history of the Baptists-don’t-dance issue.