I’m watching Bones…actually sort of watching it off an on while preparing some couscous with chicken, veggies, and fruit that looks darn yummy…but I digress.

I’m watching Bones. And there’s a guy on, some kind of club owner or something, and his voice sounds soooo familiar, I know I know that voice, but he doesn’t look in the slightest familiar. I quickly came to think he was a Star Trek character. I thought of Quark, played by Armin Shimerman, excellent actor. I think I liked Quark better than any other character on DS9. But, no, I recognize him easily from other things like the principal on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then I thought Phlox. And I was thinking he was on Voyager. Then I recalled that he had a recurring role on Stargate: SG-1. And then I remembered, wait, he wasn’t on Voyager, he was on…ummmm…that last one, the one I never really liked and watched only out of loyalty to Star Trek. So, who was the latex & makeup guy on Voyager? Right! Neelix! Neelix who was the chef, and who had a thing with the strange blond gal. It was Neelix! I don’t think I ever saw him out of makeup. I just looked up the actor’s name, it’s Ethan Phillips.

What a stroll down memory lane!