Today I have been playing around on Youtube, looking at top 100 hit lists by year and going, “Oh, my gosh! I remember that!” And, though I’m an 80’s gal, these songs are some memorable ones (or videos) from the early 90’s that you don’t hear much — or at all — anymore. Here are a few gems.

(1) Signs — I didn’t know this one well but always thought it was funny — check out this user video. I laughed so hard my throat hurt. What’s your favorite sign? Ooh, oops! Actually, warning, bad word in the first couple of frames. I’m having internet problems last couple of days and missed that frame first time around. Anyway, for me it’s a toss-up between the sign on the bridge at about 1:00, the bicycle sign at 1:42, and the fine (the LEAST of your worries) at 3:07. [Ratings notice: in addition to the bad word in the sign, in listening again, I think there may be a few naughty words in the lyrics themselves, though online lyrics list different words.]

(2) Three Little Pigs by Green Jelly — oh my gosh! How I remember screeching “Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin!” with my friends in college.

(3) If I Ever Fall in Love Again by Shai — I was never terribly into R&B, but man is this song pretty! Love it! What a nice sentiment too!

(4) Informer by Snow. Heavy rotation on MTV, and no one could understand the lyrics so they started playing the video with lyrics onscreen, like here.

(5) Ah, and the only one of these you’re at all likely to hear on the radio once in a while, the Bee Girl Song! Okay, that’s not the title, but that’s what it was famous for, to the point of controversy. The Bee Girl overshadowed the group! But I LOVE this video, and the song. The 90’s were kind of lousy for music if you like upbeat fun stuff — so glad grunge is gone. But look at the colors in this video! You almost can’t help but feel happy…just like the Bee Girl in the end!