Well, proof that this blog has no point whatsoever, just whatever’s on my mind the day I decide to write something.

Today it’s been politics. Came across this fascinating story today about the British truck driver who didn’t want his kids hit with Al Gore’s propaganda “documentary” presented as fact in school. He brought a lawsuit in what seems to me an actual good use of the right to sue, and whaddya know, someone has some sense in the UK! An expert testified to 20 inaccuracies in the trial, and the court considered a subset of those (it wasn’t clear in what I read how many it did consider of the 20). Turns out of however many were considered, the government decided that there were 11 significant inaccuracies in the film. You can read a bit more about it here.

If Gore’s silliness interests you, read another bit about some silly things he said (and about his possible financial motives for saying such silly things) here.

What a ridiculous time we live in when temperature becomes politicized! There has even been controversy at the Weather Channel over this! I find no a priori reason to disbelieve scientific evidence that the earth is warming. I am extremely skeptical, however, when I hear that back in the 70’s the majority of scientists were just as convinced that we were in for another Ice Age! Do they not recognize that the Earth’s temperature has always fluctuated? Long before people drove gas guzzlers, long before they drove anything without a heartbeat. So when you take that skepticism and you add out-right lies into the mix, attached to a political agenda, I just have to throw my arms in the air and give up.

You know, if the Earth is warming, I can’t fix that. The only thing I can do is what I ought to be doing whether the Earth is warming, or is cooling, or is fluctuating back and forth like fall weather. Whether I contributed to it by driving a car for 10 minutes to work instead of spending 60 minutes on a bus and choose to live in a house with electricity and running water rather than a grass hut with an outhouse.

I can recycle. I can try to make my driving as efficient as possible. I can carpool whenever it makes sense to do so. I can avoid over-heating or over-cooling my house. I can turn off lights I’m not using. I can support an energy policy that includes diversity of source and supply and encourages innovation in cleaner energy production and use. I could go on, but I think you get my point. God created a beautiful planet and it’s my responsibility to treat it as well as I can.

When Al Gore gives up flying around on private jets and gives up however many homes and cars he owns to live in a grass hut with an outhouse…then maybe I’ll take him seriously.