Well, it was a fabulous Florida victory. Florida-Georgia is always a fun game. I can remember being in college there and I guess media or somebody had been saying that if Georgia lost once more to Florida they were going to fire their coach at the time, Ray Goff, or however it was spelled. Those were the Spurrier days, and, well, we won. As the student sections surged out of the stadium we were chanting, “Keep Ray Goff! Keep Ray Goff!”

Sadly for Mr. Goff, I don’t think they kept him.

OK, so, Florida beat Georgia 49-10. We went into it ranked 8, Georgia 6. An earlier version of this ESPN article said that dear ol’ Tim Tebow surpassed Emmitt Smith’s record for rushing TDs — how crazy is that! However, I’m now concerned that the updated version of the article says Tebow sprained his ankle! Well, we have Vandy, South Carolina, and the Citadel (??!!) up next, so hopefully he’ll be able to baby the ankle a bit before Florida State comes up November 29. (Maybe FSU isn’t such a big deal this year? Ranked 15, they just got beat by unranked Georgia Tech. Still, we <so embarrassing> lost to an unranked team earlier this season, and, hey, this is FSU! This game is IMPORTANT!)

The other big game of the day was (1) Texas v. (7) Texas Tech. Wow, another #1 bites the dust. The question will be how far Texas falls. They only lost by 6 points. But Florida won so convincingly, I think we stand a good chance of jumping to 6th.

I can’t imagine we’ll be jumping over  (2) Bama (v. Arakansas State, 35-zip), (4) Oklahoma (v. Nebraska, 62-28), or (5) USC (v. Washington, 56-zip — ouch, what’s happened to you, Washington?!).

Looks like we will be playing Alabama for the SEC Championship. That brings back memories!

Anyway, ’twas a good day for football.

Go Gators!