It is shockingly difficult to find good information on the delightful drink I discovered while on a recent visit to Vienna. Sturm is a Viennese (and surrounding environs) specialty, a kind of new wine which has just begun fermenting, so it is only mildly alcoholic. According to this blog post (the only info I could find that seemed factual and didn’t have obvious mistakes, such as one article I found that said it had high alcohol content),  Sturm can be sold as such when it reaches 4% alcoholic content, and up to 10%. Most wines are more in the 12% alcohol range.

I came to love Sturm after first seeing it being sold and drunk in several spots while strolling Vienna’s Naschmarkt. I was very curious and wanted to try it, but had no clue what it was and didn’t want to drink something strongly alcoholic in the middle of the day — or something yucky! 😉 So then later I joined some friends also in town at a heuriger for dinner and then a Biergarten down the street. Not being into beer and having already had dessert (Topfenstrudl, another thing over there I like!), I decided to ask if they had Sturm. They did, so I tried a little bitty one, an achtel. Me likes! So then I had two viertels.

It was a very nice night, my last one before heading back to the States, in a relaxing spot with good conversation.

I really wanted to bring back a bottle…but apparently this wouldn’t have worked out so well! (Read the linked post above.)