I’m a sucker for stories like this. In the US and I’m sure in other big medal-winning countries we take for granted that we’re going to win and win big. But for most of the world’s countries there will be no medals. When they win one it is BIG! Front page news! And a very first medal…? WOW! Go Togo!

I am watching the women’s (girls’!) gymnastics right now and it’s so painful — I like gymnastics a lot, but it’s all about catching every single mistake, and there have been some big ones for the USA. It’s stressful to watch! The first woman to go had a couple of big mistakes and she just clearly was fighting off tears afterward and the cameras followed her mercilessly, right in her face. I felt so bad for her. Can’t she just have a little privacy to deal with her reactions? Tough stuff. Chin up, USA women’s gymnastics! You are doing things I couldn’t dream of! Go USA!