By popular demand (okay, no one has really demanded it, but to my never-ending surprise the post on my blog that’s gotten the most hits, ever since I wrote it, is Anna Devane Delirium — who knew there were so many Anna Devane fans out there?) — here is a collection of websites fans of Anna Devane might enjoy exploring.

Your comments and additions are welcome! (I of course reserve the right to delete anything inappropriate.) Also this is more links than I usually have in one post so I’m not going to test them all as I usually do — please let me know if a link is broken.

Fan fiction:

The Gift — Anna is regaining her memory and rediscovering her family…but a bad guy is also in the mix! (This one’s incomplete as of this writing.)

Once a Thief — Anna breaks the law just a tad and winds up in Robert’s stomping ground, about 10 years (I think) after the explosion that supposedly killed them and Faison. He still has amnesia and doesn’t know her. “The Gift” and “Once a Thief” are both top-notch fan fic. There are some typos, but the story is lots of fun and true to the characters. You’ll be able to picture Finola, Tristan, and the gang saying the dialog. The story is complete.

General Hospital fan fiction, including the above two. You may find other stories you like there — depends what you’re looking for.


A lot of people have put up 80’s, 90’s, and more recent GH clips. You can pretty quickly tell whether they’re Robert-Holly, Robert-Anna, or Duke-Anna fans. I never watched Holly so that’s not my fave, but I can tell from the clips the actors were great together. Loved Duke and Anna, loved Robert and Anna both as friends and as a reunited couple in the 90s. Haven’t much cared for GH in general since — not a big fan of the mob-as-good-guys-with-hearts-of-gold thing. Glorification and romanticization of violent criminals bothers me, I dunno, maybe I’m strange.

Anyway, here are some of the Youtube user pages where you’ll find clips you might enjoy (check out the playlist feature if they have that — you can watch clips in order!).


ChenJade3 (who has stopped by here before)





There are others but I think these are the ones with the most videos.

Other video clip sites:

Imageevent — This site has some early videos I’ve seen only here. The quality is often not good (I’m sure the source tapes suffer from age and repeated viewings)…but you can pair it with a transcript (exact or good summary) from one of the sites below!

Transcripts/Plot Summaries:

Anna & Robert Transcripts — Fun stuff! Exact dialog transcripts.

Curlyqgrl — Also fun stuff. Extensive plot summaries.

Official Sites:

Tristan Rogers’s official site — unfortunately Tristan doesn’t seem to hang out there too much ;), and it often devolves into people sniping about whether Robert’s true love is Holly or Anna. (Feel free to join the debate if that’s terribly important to you!) Still there’s some fun stuff there, and his fans stay on top of what Tristan’s up to.

If Finola Hughes has an official site and you know about it…do tell!

Other sites:

ScorpioFiles — Lot of stuff, I haven’t explored it all yet. Has transcripts too.

GH Who’s Who — Probably not much you won’t find on the other sites, but a nice reference nonetheless. Someone has put in a fairly lengthy lookback at Anna’s early days on GH, which really introduced the character.

Who is Anna Devane? — Again not much different here, but worth a look.

Anna and Duke — You can guess the subject of this one! I have to say, while soaps put on many gorgeous weddings, and among my favorites are Bo & Hope’s and Cruz & Eden’s, no soap couple ever looked as gorgeous as in Duke & Anna’s wedding. Loved her dress. Loved his kilt. Beautiful.

And one of the most emotionally impactful scenes I’ve ever seen on a soap, perhaps just shy of Felicia finding out who Maxie’s heart donor is and Tony bending over to hear his daughter’s heart beating, is this one, where Duke first sees Anna after she has miscarried. Beautifully played.