Click here for an interesting, thought-provoking post focusing on prosperity gospel but drawing parallels to the “emerging church” movement. This is, BTW, IMO, a pretty good blog — thought-provoking and refreshingly non-acidic, unfortunately an uncommon combination in “Christian” blogs. I don’t always agree with the point…but I do more often than not. 🙂

Not terribly related, but the post reminded me of my college-years church which was undergoing a building project, and the whole project motto was a verse from Jeremiah…I forget the chapter, think the verse was v.11, “for I have plans to prosper you…to give you hope and a future” — I think that’s the wording. Yes, I could Google it, but I had to leave for work an hour earlier than normal today and I’m tired. OK, “lazy” works too. 😉