Okay, I don’t actually know that much about Tony Snow, but as a fellow conservative I often enjoyed listening to him. He wasn’t quite as capable of putting on the neutral face that his colleague Brit Hume does pretty well (pretty well, I say — it’s not possible to be entirely unbiased…but that’s another blog entry). But he used to do Fridays on the show that Brit does on Fox, and I guess that’s mostly where I knew him from. I do think I heard him once while on a road trip — probably subbing for Rush Limbaugh. Road trips are the only time I ever listen to talk radio, and then it mostly drives me nuts because it tends to extremes, probably by its nature.

I was stunned to learn today that Tony Snow had died on Saturday at age 53. I guess I haven’t watched any news recently. Apparently his funeral was today. If you’d like to know more about him, here are some links:

Fox’s report

Michelle Malkin’s report (more politicized)

Tony’s article in Christianity Today: “Cancer’s Unexpected Blessings

Another of Tony’s CT articles, a book review: “New Atheists are not Great

Finally, if you are REALLY interested, a long list of his writings

Goodbye, Tony Snow. I believe that I will see you again.