Uh, yeah, that was a nod to Frankenstein, but it doesn’t work so well without the appropriate audio.

I just came across a writer’s blog, where she describes how her characters are alive and almost act of their own volition, how they can surprise you how they react in a given scene once you start writing it. Captures precisely how I feel about my characters.

From the very start the characters were alive and “real” to me – I had created them so well in my head that it was easy to imagine what they would do in any set of circumstances I placed them in. So all I had to do was set the scene and then watch and listen to how they reacted – then write it down. I’ve always had a vivid imagination.

I have the idea for the particular scene in my head and I allow the characters to unfold and react to the situation I place them in. They dance with the page and the page dances with them. If you are familiar with the word duende you will know what I mean when I say: you cannot separate the characters from the author. I watch and then write it down. Some writers have every single action planned out in advance – I would find that too rigid, too limiting. Sometimes characters surprise me and react in a way I hadn’t expected them to when I outlined the scene in my head. I always give them free reign!

It’s terrible when you know you have to “get” a scene to a certain place, and the characters don’t cooperate. You try to force it and it just reads horribly. Something has to change. Writing is fun!

Here’s another one:

It’s a lot of fun writing. I find myself thinking about it in the middle of the night (”Wouldn’t it be cool if…”) …sometimes to my annoyance.

One of the most fun thing about writing, as least as far as the way I do it, is the characters. When I create a character, the basic information is in place… but as I write about them, I learn more about them, as though they’re people that I’ve met and are getting familiar with. It feels like their personality traits are discovered, not created. Granted, these characters are pulp characters; they’re 2 dimensional rather than fully fleshed out, but they become “real” to me as I write them.

Oh, all the time I’ve spent lying awake at night picturing scenes play out in my head!

Can you tell I’m on a bit of a writing high at the moment? =)