Friends don’t let friends paint stripes.

Seriously, it’s a ton of work. A TON of work. But I think it looks pretty good actually (“crushed coral” on “soft slipcover” — or light pink on light tan for the colorically-challenged like me), and I’m going to change all the fixtures out to antique bronze. I was checking it out at the hardware store today. I’m also going to replace the door…I think. It’s kind of in bad shape. I found out today that unless one wants to pay 300+ bucks for a dumb basement half-bath door, one should opt for “molded” doors. What the heck does that mean…I don’t know. But it means I’m getting a molded door. BUT…how will I hang it? Consultations with a friend reveal that if it comes with hinge attached and lined up to some standard height or something, this will be easy. But it looks like they don’t come like that…unless you buy it with the doorjamb too…but I don’t think I need to buy a door jamb. What is a doorjamb anyway? Isn’t that “trim” as I think of it when painting? Why would I want to buy that too? I think of that as part of the wall rather than part of the door… And am I capable of changing out a sink fixture myself without paying some NoVA highway robber $200 or something to do it for me? I don’t know. I’m going to check out EHow to see what’s involved. And who’s going to fix the tiny drip I have on the right bolt on the toilet tank, huh?

Are there any single Christian handymen who enjoy intelligent conversation and light banter out there who are looking to get hitched???? 😉

Update: If you’re a friend or family member, look for pics on my Facebook page.