The follow-up to emerging! This one, I have to say, I don’t get a lot of it, especially the photos — I couldn’t recognize even one of them…proof that I’m not a Calvinist? I think it was mostly Calvinists reading the post (or at least responding) and they seemed to really get it and really enjoy it! The “Johns” was kinda funny. But definitely you should read the emerging one first, as the “Johns” kind of plays off that.

BTW, on this one you simply MUST read the comments, for me they were funnier than the original post. Here’s a sample:

As a semi-Pelagian living in Moscow, Idaho I bear witness of the spot on hilarity of this obsession. By the way, Ifreely chose to respond.

You just think you freely chose to respond. Actually, God ordained before the foundation of the world that you would respond as you just did.

While some people are getting serious, there’s remarkably little vitriol present and remarkably few ruffled feathers and remarkably few condemnations of brothers and sisters in Christ to hell. ; )

I was surprised by one comment from a Calvinist that another sign of Calvinism would be refusing to fill in your astrological sign on your Blogger profile. I’d say that’s a mark of conservative Christianity rather than Calvinism (though some Calvinists equate conservative Christianity with Calvinism alone) — because THAT one I could relate to more than anything at all in the original post! I too refused to fill in my astrological sign…and am continually miffed that TVGuide includes a page devoted to this. What nonsense!

In any event, read and enjoy! But where’s the Arminianism in pictures post?