Starbuck’s kinda going nuts. Still don’t know what to think of this. Lots of mythology, a very weird scene between Adama and Laura Roslin. Baltar and the president’s assistant who’s a Cylon in a scene that was risque-er than necessary. A send-off for Lee that was supposed to be emotional but I felt no emotion about it. And chaos among the Cylons — apparently they couldn’t afford to get Lucy Lawless on (or she was unavailable)…but who’s the other identified Cylon that wasn’t there…? Or was it just her? I’m not sure what to think about that storyline either. Ultimately I don’t really find the Cylons all that interesting. To be more precise, I find them interesting when viewed through the prism of the humans…but not so much when viewed from within. Hmmmm…

So altogether, I guess I was disappointed with the episode, but I was still pretty much riveted and dismayed when the end came. I’ve gotta go back and watch the miniseries, and the first few episodes especially of the regular TV show. Good stuff. Remember the one where they’re constantly jumping and everyone’s completely on edge? Remember the horrid decisions they were faced with, such as when one ship lagged behind and they didn’t feel they could trust it? I think they abandoned it, or maybe destroyed it. But what if there was nothing bad going on…? They have left hundreds or thousands of their own people to their deaths. But if they’d trusted them and been betrayed, it could have meant the end of the last traces of humanity. And even later, when President Roslin outlaws abortion, not out of a religious belief or a belief that life begins at conception, but because their numbers have dwindled so that if they don’t have babies and keep every single one of them, they basically risk going extinct.

But, it looks like next week Callie finds out her husband is a Cylon. (My hope that this is all a big scam is fading fast. But I’m still kind of in denial.)