So, it’s started! I (almost) always get so into these episodes that when it’s over I’m always stunned. “What??!! It’s over??!! It can’t be over!!”

I also tend to be unable to remember something I’ve watched only once.

So…why did I start this blog entry? OK, let me think.

OK. Everybody’s suspicious of Starbuck. They have to be. She’s even suspicious of herself. I’m still not cool with the whole everybody-and-his-brother-is-a-Cylon development. Please, please, Ron Moore, make it all be a big trick. I miss the “old” Starbuck. Though I definitely didn’t approve of her behavior (promiscuity, heavy drinking), it made her a complex and intriguing character, and I’d say her “naughtiness” was not portrayed as the best and coolest way to act. You knew that there was self-loathing under the self-destructive behavior, and we later found out why. I’m not sure what to make of this new direction — Starbuck as some kind of prophet or something. Again, not so down with the whole heavy-duty mythology thing either. Liked the small Starbuck/Gaeta scene. That guy can act. He had a miniscule role in the miniseries but really stood out. Hope he gets his own show sometime, or a movie career.

Never took to Lee aka Apollo. Still haven’t. The only thing I ever liked about him was the Apollo/Starbuck angle. I like all the other characters (though Baltar gets on my nerves at times and I could do without the closing-in-on-R “love scenes” with him and his imaginary Cylon gal-pal Six). I just find Lee…I don’t know, bland. You know, I never really thought about it before now, but there are a LOT of characters on this show! I think half of them weren’t even really in this episode.

Ah, yes, so Baltar and his cult worshipers also had a big role in the ep. Weird. And more mythology. Blah. But the guy playing Baltar is also a darn good actor, so at least there’s Baltar’s funny reactions to the wackiness around him to make it a bit more endurable.

Two more days until we find out if Starbuck really does try to assassinate Pres. Roslin!

And lo and behold, I just found a button that lets me type in color! Yeah!