I’ve given up hope of ever again being able to access my old blog (point-nine.blogspot.com). So I’m back…not that anyone has actually missed me here! But it was kind of fun. Oh, and the “import” into WordPress function? Yeah, gotta have a Google Account for that one too. Blast that Google Account baloney. I had no problems until that issue arose… ah well.

And, why .9 Repeating Decimal, should anyone wander across this who hasn’t already heard the impetus-for-blogging story? Check out the original blog, original post. My world has righted itself since then. = )

And BTW, can I just say, I don’t have a clue what half (more actually) the functions on this blog hosting site are. Maybe one of these days I’ll figure out. But, bummer, apparently I can’t type in color here like I could on my original blog. I like typing in color. Beats me what the point of a tag is, but color looks pretty.